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Sexy bedside reading for the Canadian higher ed professional

When I was an over-confident youngster destined for greatness, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my bedside reading would include a title like SEM in Canada: Promoting student and institutional success in Canadian colleges and universities.  And yet, here I am, transfixed by chapters on “Evidence-based Decision Making” and “Branding: The Promise, The Process and The Pay Off”. I know many of you think I’m joking – and my image would be best preserved if I let you continue thinking I’m more interesting than I really am – but the truth is I’m being quite honest. This 350-page book on the nuts and bolts of getting students in the door and successfully out the other end – otherwise known as Strategic Enrolment Management – is actually pretty engaging. It might not be the next Girl With the Dragon Tatoo but it’s accessible, cogent and instructive. If your job – or your next job – has anything to do with helping students get to the right program, in the right school for them, with the right supports to help them be successful, and understanding how all of the pieces fit together, you will learn something in these pages. Continue reading