Gearing up for the “best of” Open Book session at CACUSS 2010

For colleagues attending the 2010 CACUSS Conference in Edmonton June 19-23, please consider attending the Open Book session (Tuesday, June 22, 9 am) where you’re sure to be engaged by our stellar panel of reviewers talking about the books that have most influenced their careers.

Join David Newman (president of SASA), Bruce Belbin (president-elect of CACUSS), Dave Hannah (a past president of CACUSS), Tim Rahilly (CACUSS board member) and me for our “best of” edition of Open Book. While books are the focus, the value is really in the discussion of ideas that have shaped our field, that inform our everyday practice (whether we know it or not) and will present challenges for us in the future.

See you there!

Deanne Fisher.


One thought on “Gearing up for the “best of” Open Book session at CACUSS 2010

  1. Rod Brandsen, Principal, South Side Christian School says:

    Love the book and stars image for this post! We would love to use for some posters we are going to create hang around our building next year. Is it copyrighted? May we use in this manner? Please let me know. Thank you!

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